Barcode Scanner CR5000

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AGM Tech Provides barcode scanner that can help your business needs. Barcode Scanner CR5000 can be used easily because it has a lightweight and ergonomic design, can read QR Code instantly, efficient power consumption and support JavaScript. This product is made by

Code, and we distribute it in Indonesia. Here's the complete information about this product.

- Hands-free operation or optional trigger reading large, heavy, bulk items
- Compact, lightweight and ergonomic design
- User feedback with programmable LED and audible tone good read indicators
- Customizable driver license data formatting for loyalty and credit applications
- Optional Age Verification solution
- Data editing and formatting with JavaScript
- Compatible with

Codes rapid disconnect USB, RS232 and Bluetooth Affinity cables

- Efficient power consumption
- Pair with the T500 Bluetooth cable to create a wireless connection between the Barcode Scanner CR5000 and a multitude of mobile devices, including iOS products

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