Barcode Scanner CR1000 XHD

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Barcode Scanner CR1000 XHD is an ideal product to takes up limited workspace without compromising barcode reading performance. This barcode can increase efficiency to detection barcode reading of 1D & 2D. If you are interested in this barcode scanner, please contact us for further information.

- High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D and laser-etched barcodes
- Extreme high density field for reading barcodes as small as 2mil.
- Glare reduction technology for barcodes scanner on shiny and mirrored surfaces
- Manual, motion detection and continuous scan barcode reading modes
- LED and programmable audible good read user feedback
- Reads barcodes reliably off PCs and mobile device screens
- Editing and parsing scanned data versatility with JavaScript
- For use with Codes USB or RS232 Affinity cables
- Extremely low power consumption

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