Code Barcode Scanner CR900FD

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Keunggulan dan Spesifikasi CODE CR900 FDID Dari AGM Tech

Rasakan kemudahan scanning barcode yang cepat dan akurat menggunakan barcode reader CR900 FDID dari CODE, persembahan AGM Tech. Mampu membaca berbagai jenis barcode, daya konsumsi listrik yang rendah, sensor luas, cocok untuk baca harga produk, cek data inventory, baca informasi kartu member, dll.

Berikut adalah spesifikasi lengkap 2D Barcode Scanner CR900 FD:

- High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D barcode scanner
- Upgradeable to Stacked and 2D decoding with the purchase of a license key
- Wide area image sensor
- Manual or automatic triggering
- 2 programmable indicators: LED and audible tone
- Reads barcodes reliably off cell phone screens
- Uses Codes new rapid disconnect Affinity cables
- Extremely low power consumption
- IP54 housing
- All-inclusive kits include reader, cable and stand
- Available in dark gray
- CodeOne extended warranty service plans

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