Code Barcode Scanner CR2300

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AGM Tech provide various types of barcode scanner that can read QR Code in the field of 1d or 2d. One of them is a

barcode scanner CR2300

. This barcode scanner has the advantage of multiple programmable buttons that can be tailored for your needs.

- Lightweight, ergonomicbarcode scanner
- High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D and postal

barcodes scanner

- Durable, quick-release rechargeable battery cartridges
- Battery status LED indicators with fuel gauge
- User feedback with audible tones and LED
- Unequaled performance on rounded, curved and shiny surfaces
- Multiple programmable buttons for customized work flow processes
- Easy to clean, disinfectant ready housing
- Paging button to assist in locating reader (Charger Station with embedded CodeXML modem option only)
- Reads barcodes on cell phone screens
- CortexRM Remote Management ready
- Powerful data management capability with JavaScript
- CodeOne extended warranty plans

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