Barcode Scanner CR2600

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AGM Tech is a leading manufacturer of barcode scanners in Indonesia. AGM Tech can help you to Ensure your business needs by providing barcode scanner CR2600 has the advantages of high speed performance, easy to clean and has glare reduction technology. This barcode scanner is the right choice for you needs because it can read the QR Code with detail.

- Lightweight, ergonomic models in palm and handled configurations
- Durable, quick-release rechargeable battery cartridges
- Battery status LED indicators with fuel gauge
- User feedback with vibration, audible tones and LED
- Patented dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit
- Patented Glare reduction technology for barcodes scanner

on shiny surfaces
- High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D and Postal barcodes scanner
- Multiple programmable buttons for customized work flow processes
- Compatible with Bluetooth supported Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices and tablets
- Easy to clean, disinfectant-ready CodeShield plastics and IP65 housing
- Paging button to assist in locating reader (Charger Station with embedded CodeXML modem option only)
- Reads barcodes on cell phone screens
- CortexRM Remote Management ready
- Powerful data management capability with JavaScript
- CodeOne extended warranty service plans

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