Barcode Scanner CR4405

Barcode Scanner CR4405 has a special feature Made for Apple iPhone 5 and 5s. Single and quad-bay charging station options and it includes a software development kit. This Barcode Scanner can be powerful, fast scanning, affordable price and very to use. You can read the guidebooks or following this video.

- Increases productivity with an easy-to-use integrated scan engine on barcode scanner
- Bright, rectangular, blue LED aiming bar to quickly and easily target 1D, 2D and postal barcodes
- Made for Apple iPhone 5 and 5s
- Lightweight design combines easy-to reach buttons with an unobstructed view of the iPhone screen
- Rugged, durable, disinfectant ready plastics protects the phone against damage and minimizes exposure to debris
- Multiple locking clips offers additional security measures via screws (included)
- Replaceable, rechargeable battery cartridge
- Provides additional power to the iPhone to maximize productivity
- Software Development Kit (SDK) assists in creating a custom scanner application
- Single and quad-bay charging station options
- Features Level 2 disinfectant-ready healthcare plastics