Barcode Scanner CR1000

AGM Tech offers CR1000 Code barcode scanner that reads barcodes has reliably from various fields such as 2d and 3d, can glare reduction and a variety of other advantages that can be obtained to support the needs of your retail business. For reservations please contact our marketing.

- High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D and postal barcodes scanner
- Dual field optics for reading both high density and wide field barcodes
- Glare reduction technology for barcodes scanner on shiny surfaces
- Manual or automatic triggering
- Bright, LED indicators and loud, programmable audible tone indicator
- Reads barcodes reliably off cell phone screens
- Compatible with Codes CortexTools software configuration utility
- Data editing and parsing with JavaScript
- Uses Codes rapid disconnect USB or RS232 Affinity cables
- Extremely low power consumption
- Level 2 disinfectant-ready housing
- Available in light or dark gray
- CodeOne extended warranty service plans