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Receipt Printer - Fujitsu Thermal Printer

Do You need a tool that can print out a receipt or other transaction evidence with more optimal? Do you feel hard to find a quality thermal printer products for your store and your company?

AGM Tech is the distributior of IT Product who has established and have experience in solving business problems with our products: barcode scanners, thermal printers, DPM scanners, cash register paper and printer POS.

Our Product

We provide Printer POS or Thermal printers from Fujitsu, Fujitsu Thermal Printer FP-1000 & Fujitsu Thermal Printer Printer FP-1000 LAN. Both of these products have a different advantages such as had multi interface, had a high speed up to 180mm/s &high troughput, cos saving mode, LAN Setting tool, friendly user and other. You can see the product description at the link above.

KIOS Printer - Fujitsu Thermal Printer

AGM Tech not only provide one type of thermal printer for help your business activities. But we provide a wide range of thermal printer products adjusted for your needs, One is the Kiosk Printer. We provide a quality product from Fujitsu Kiosk Printer, one of our products is Fujitsu Thermal Printer FTP 639 USL.

Kiosk Printer Fujitsu Thermal Printer is usually used to help you to print a receipt and other evidence transaction. This product is also required for retail businesses such as minimarkets, electronic stores, book stores and other retail business

Label Printer - Fujitsu Thermal Printer

As one of the big company in the world that produces communications equipment, computers and other electronic devices, Fujitsu provides various types of thermal printers Such as Fujitsu Thermal Printer FP-32LWD, Fujitsu Thermal Printer FP-510, and others. AGM Tech as distributor Thermal Printer, DPM Scanner, Barcode Scanner and other equipment.

What is Label Printer?

The label printer is a device used for print labels and barcodes are usually installed for identify a product. Label printers are used by many different types of companies, stores and retail based business.

AGM Tech has been working up with Fujitsu as the official distributor of Label printer with competitive prices and high quality for you as our customer.

Mobile Printer - Fujitsu Thermal Printer

If you want to use a practical Chasier equipment, easy to use and certainly have high mobility? We provide Mobile printer from fujitsu. This is a thermal printer that has many advantages such as battery cost saving mode, high speed thermal printer up to 50 mm / s and so forth, depending on the product that you choose.

Our Product

We provide thermal printer products from Fujitsu, which is one of the big companies from Japan that provides various IT equipment such as Computer and telecommunication products. Mobile thermal printer is for you who want to like flexibility in running cashier system at your retail business.

AGM Tech provides 3 types of Mobile printers: Fujitsu Thermal Printer FTP-628WSL, Fujitsu FTP-62HWSL, and Fujitsu FTP-638WSL100 series. Each product has advantages adjusted to your needs

Handled Barcode Scanner - Code

Handled Barcode Scanner is avaible to facilitate cashier management on your retail business. Our products have a various features, not only can read QR Code, but our products have high technology with wide image sensor capability and other features.

Our Product

AGM Tech provides a various of Barcode Scanner products with different advantages. Such as Barcode Scanner CR900FD which has high speed and omnidirectional reading of 1D, while Barcode Scanner CR1000 has more feature, omnidirectional reading of 1D, 2D and postal barcodes scanner.

AGM tech provides various types of Handled Barcode Scanner Product, such as Barcode Scanner CR900 fd, Barcode Scanner CR1000, Barcode Scanner CR1400, Barcode Scanner CR2300 and Barcode Scanner CR2600. All our products have different features with superior quality depending on your needs.

Mobillity Barcode Scanner

CodeCorp is a large company that pioneered of barcode system technology in the world. That's products have spread and sold all over the world. And AGM Tech provides Barcode Scanner or DPM Scanner by Code products that have superior quality that you can use to complement your retail business

Mobility Barcode Scanner makes your activity more practical because it is easy to use but still provides optimal results from other barcode scanner products.

Our Product

Barcode Scanner CR3600 and Barcode Scanner CR4405 is mobillity barcode scanner that we sell.Both of our products have different features and advantages, according to your needs. See our product description above for more information.

Presentation Barcode Scanner

Presentation Barcode Scanner - Code

Barcode scanner can facilitate you in business activity like doing input and manage Data In retail business such as minimarket, bookstore, stationery, etc.

AGM Tech as distributor barcode scanner provide various types of barcode scanners such as Handheld Barcode Scanner, Mobillity Barcode Scanner, Industrial Barcode Scanner and of course Presentation Barcode Scanner

Our Product

Barcode Scanner CR5000 a presentation barcode scanner from Code that is known as a quality barcode scanner. If you want to know the specification of barcode scanners CR5000 that we provide to you. Click and check the full description above.

Industrial Barcode Scanner - Code

As a provider of IT products such as DPM Scanner, Barcode Scanner, AGM Tech provides a wide range of products for any kind of business, one of which is industrial business. Then, we present the Industrial Barcode Scanner for you.

Our Product

Our products have many advantages such as low power consumption, fast reading QR Code, custom support Java Script, User feedback with vibration, audible tones and LED and many other advantages.

Zebra Label Printer

Zebra Label Printer

Thermal printer by AGM Tech is the perfect solution for your business. We provide products with good quality and optimal, such as Zebra Label Printer. Check the description above for more information.

Consumable Label

Consumable Label

Beside to cashier equipment such as Barcode scanner, DPM Scanner and others that have the ability to process Data Matrix and QR Code, we also provide additional equipment for cashiers such as SemiCoated label and Yupo label to print receipt or payment receipt with various sizes.

Consumable Ribbon

Consumable Ribbon

Ribbon Wax is a cashier equipment for your Barcode Printer needs. While Wax Resin has different materials and advantages with Ribbon Wax. We provide Ribbon Wax, Resin Wax and Resin products to complete your cashier equipments.