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AGM Tech

AGM Tech is a subsidiary of PT Anta Graha Makmur established in 2013 to push itself into the growing Indonesian IT industry. Our initial partnership started with FUJITSU, an established global electronics manufacturer focusing on their Thermal Printer business. Together with our local partner’s diligence, Fujitsu Thermal printers quickly gained the recognition of Indonesia’s largest retailers and helped propel its prominence in the retail Industry.

As our business grew and our partners continue to seek additional reliable solutions from us, we managed to partner with CODE CORP, one of the largest 2D Scanner manufacturer that is fully established in Europe and America to distribute their scanners nationwide.

PioneerPos a well established printer POS system manufacturer in America has also recently established partnership with AGM Tech to expand into Indonesia.

With our dedicated and specialized team to provide AIDC solutions and tackle problems, AGM Tech is ready to serve all your needs in all industries ranging from retail, manufacturing, health care, logistics, education, services and government sector. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

OUR Advantage

PT Anta Graha Makmur has partners and agents throughout Indonesia to support our expanding range of products to a wide array of industries. We are actively engaged with a large network of logistical partners to help deliver our goods to even our furthest customers in a short notice. Our focused sales and technical team are trained frequently to handle all our customers problems and will provide you the most efficient and cost saving products and solutions.

Our Mission

1000% Customer satisfaction! Our dedicated team will make sure we provide you the best solution and quality products at the most cost effective price. We will never forget our duties to you and also to the fragile environment that we live in.

Licensing & Support


One of our best shooting model, working for this company since the beginning.

Fujitsu Thermal Printer

Fujitsu's thermal printers are renowned for more than 20 years for their quality.

Code Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner technology, and increasingly, two-dimensional barcodes (2D Barcode).